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The new Paradigm Student Health Network (SHN) includes updates that create a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Here, we would like to introduce you to these new improvements.

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The new SHN interface can still do everything the old one did but with a few key enhancements making it easier to do. The following tour will highlight these changes and show you where things have moved.

Students First

Introducing the new worklist, allowing you to select and work with a single student or multiple students at a time.


See an overview of your recent activity, To Do’s, and charts for better insights into your data.

Easier Management

Easily and quickly create a caseload, add or remove students, and even add students to your current worklists.

Faster Reporting

Improved layout and filtering for an up-close look at all of your data in easy to export files.

New Design & Better Workflow

Our new design takes all the functionality of our old SHN and streamlines it. The updated interface is a cleaner and clearer experience for you, the user, making the new SHN not only functional but also easier.

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Putting Students First

The new SHN introduces an exciting new workflow, the worklist. The worklist allows you to more easily select students to work with. No more going back and forth, now select all the students you want to work with at one time.

  • New single student and multistudent workflows
  • Faster entry
  • Easier management
  • Better searching
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The dashboard is the place to see an overview of all your work within SHN, providing a high level view and insights into the entries you have made in the system. It also includes shortcuts to quickly and easily get you where you need to go.

  • New Charts for better insights
  • Quick To Do list to improve performance
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Easier Management

The “Manage” section of the new SHN is where you can find your caseloads and approvals. The new simple interface allows you to quickly create a caseload, add or remove students, and even add students to your current worklists.

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Faster Reporting

Get an up-close look at all of your data in Reports. Here you have quick access to your reports along with in-depth filtering to help you get the most out of your data.

  • Easier Filtering
  • Quick export (Excel, PDF, Print)
  • Better layout
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